Food and wine expo calls out to all food lovers

Imagine the smell of slow-cooked beef, the velvety taste of red wine on your lips, followed by a creamy fudge or homemade nougat.

These are just some of the gourmet delights featuring at the inaugural Quaff Food and Wine Expo and it’s all taking place on Mother’s Day weekend at Queens Park Theatre on May 9 and 10.

For $20 per day and to get your tastebuds soaring, the two-day boutique expo showcases exciting  free samples of delicious wine, ciders, beers, spirits, nougat, waffles, fudges and chocolate.

There will be special food appreciation talks plus the amazing food trucks in the forecourt – all celebrating the local provenance of Geraldton and Western Australia.

With the current food and wine trend booming in the state, the Quaff Food and Wine Expo Committee believed it was time for Geraldton to market and indulge in the current food spectaculars from across the state.

The weekend will see dozens of gourmet food and wine producers including Two Queens Woodfired Street Food, Wild Orchid Wines, Pepperwood, Chidlow’s, Burnt Barrel and much more!

The foodie extravaganza is a new addition to the event calendar in Geraldton.

City Mayor, Ian Carpenter, said Geraldton should expect a big audience at the Quaff Food and Wine Expo.

“It’s something new to Geraldton that we don’t experience often and is already attracting a great deal of attention,” he said.

The expo is an excellent way of enticing many local residents, tourists and people from surrounding towns and cities to our City.

“It’s a great excuse to showcase Geraldton and put to show the amazing things we have to offer,” said Mayor Carpenter.

Quaff Food and Wine WA Public Officer, Darryl Ingvarson, said Quaff Food and Wine was to bring the Midwest an event that captures and presents lifestyle aspects associated with people, food and enjoyment.

“I’m excited that the City’s confidence in supporting this event has been the catalyst for some other great involvement,” he said.

Quaff 2015 is a pilot event organised by a small but passionate group of food and wine enthusiasts, we are looking for like-minded people who might like to join the passion of creating more events like this.

Rigters Supermarkets have also joined the Quaff

For more information on the Quaff Food and Wine Expo or to view exhibitors and vendors visiting Geraldton, visit the Quaff Food and Wine Expo Facebook page or website.