Local store wins a new Commodore

The local branch of international electrical wholesaler Ashdown Ingram has won "best branch of the year" within their organisation, which rewards the local team with a new Holden Commodore. 


Branch manager Sarah Valk, who gets to use the vehicle as her new company vehicle attributed the success of the Geraldton branch to strong teamwork.

"A pat on the back goes to the entire team," she said. "It's a great recognition for a smaller town to win over larger cities."

The Geraldton branch has only been operating since 2012. Ashdown Ingram are a 12 /24 volt electrical wholesaler. Ms Valk says that while their main customers are auto electricians, the general public is welcome to come in and purchase from them too. 

Congrats to the Geraldton Ashdown Ingram team. We're sure that vehicle is going to be spotted on the road a bit.