What solar energy can do for you and the environment

As many of you know, solar power energy has proven to be very cost effective for households and businesses and can reduce your electricity bills by a substantial amount; but did you know by how much? Not only does solar energy keep you and your wallet happy, but it also reduces your carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gases.

There are two forms of solar power energy: one being Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and the other being Solar Photovoltaic (PV). The one we’re going to focus on is Solar Photovoltaic, which captures the sun’s energy through fitted solar panels to generate electricity cleanly and quietly. You’ve probably seen these solar panels on the roofs of quite a few buildings and homes across town.

Scott Phillips from Sun City Solar has been installing and maintaining solar panels for Geraldton homes and businesses since 2006 and delivers a cleaner alternative to generating electricity through his quality products. Being in the business for over 9 years, Scott has seen the benefits first hand and encourages all households to consider switching to solar power. Once you read some of their many benefits, you’ll wish you had switched sooner.

Reduces your electricity bills:

Solar panels convert light energy directly from the sun into electrical energy (this does not include hot water systems). Getting your electricity free from the sun through solar panels can reduce your electricity bills by up to 60%, which works out to be around $1,200 per year for the average household. The suns natural resources are free to use, so why haven’t you switched yet?

Environmentally friendly:

Everybody knows that switching to solar energy is better for the environment because electricity is converted from a natural energy source. But did you know by how much?  Scott explains that solar energy helps reduce one’s carbon footprint by up to 1.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide per kW for each solar panel installed. Can you think of the difference this will make if we all switched?

It’s easier to get than you think:

Having a solar energy system installed for your home or building is easier than you once thought and the process doesn’t drag on for months, like some people think. Sun City Solar state that there’s only a 6-8 week approval process, which involves an assessment of your home, measuring the size of your roof and determining what area and angle is most efficient for maximum exposure to sunlight. Once approval has been processed, Sun City Solar can fit your solar panels in just one day and you can enjoy energy directly from the sun that day, too!

Minimal maintenance:

Once your solar panels have been fitted, you’re set for years to come and don’t have to worry about additional repair costs. Just sit back and enjoy energy free from the sun and save along the way. All panels fitted by Sun City Solar come with a 20-year warranty that covers all repairs and maintenance costs. So if you’re experiencing some system faults with your solar panels for whatever reason, they will be repaired for free, providing they’re still under their 20-year warranty.

So if you’re tossing up the idea of switching to solar, speak to Scott and the team at Sun City Solar who will go over everything that’s involved and will look after you for years to come. The average cost for a solar energy system is $5,000 including installation.

  •  Sun City Solar are open Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm and closed weekends.
  • They’re located at 140 Flores Road, Geraldton.
  • Phone (08) 9965 4089.