Woman brandishes Machete in street altercation, neighbours fed up


Residents say they're getting fed up with the behaviour of some of their neighbours after an altercation on a Utakarra street over money resulted in a woman being arrested. 

Police say at about 2pm on Tuesday 7 April 2015 an altercation occurred between two females on Archer Street, Utakarra.

As a result of the altercation one of the females, the victim, located a sum of money on the street which the other female claimed to belong to her. The victim continued to walk to her house with the money.

Police say that the female walked to her own residence nearby where she retrieved a machete.

She then returned to the victim’s address where she stood on the driveway brandishing the machete, hitting the fence and wall with it, demanding that she return the money. The victim responded to the female’s requests and handed the money over.

Police attended the area and subsequently arrested the 33 year old woman from Utakarra. She will appear at the Geraldton Magistrates Court at a later date charged with possessing a controlled weapon in a manner likely to cause fear.   

A nearby neighbour complained saying he felt like he was living in a war zone. He said he wanted to move away from the area because the Department of Housing would do nothing about the current situation with their tenants. As a Dept of Housing tenant himself he says he may have to wait up to two years before he can relocate.