An interesting perspective on bypass roads

Your thoughts? We hadn't heard this perspective before...

"An open letter, beginning, to all shire councils, town councils, Chambers of commerce, everywhere in Rural Australia. I drive all over Australia, I'm not a truckie, I have a map and I am colouring in each road as pass over it. I see a trend in small rural towns Certain towns are dying, ceasing to exist Those towns with no stores, restaurants, hotels, motels remaining on the streets have something in common They have all built bypass ring roads, to divert heavy vehicles out of town I work at a roadhouse, I know truckies, Truck drivers aren't stupid, If you tell em you don't want them in your town, they won't go But the 100 trucks each day in each direction that no longer pass through, no longer buy 1000 litres of fuel in your roadhouse, no longer buy meals in your restaurants, no longer stop to just get human conversation in your pubs, no longer spend a night in your hotels or motels to get out of the cab occasionally, no longer shop in your supermarkets to restock the cab fridge. Winton in Queensland HAD a vibrant main street 2 years ago, now only the BP roadhouse, at the corner where trucks are diverted around town is alive, the town is closed down at 5pm, half the stores on the main street are empty the trucks turned away are a much bigger resource than the few caravans pandered to, who roll up once. Trucking is everyday, both ways Small town, or roadhouse with a ghost town attached, the choice is yours. 

Rob Dockrey"