This is how "finders keepers" will get you in hot water

Pic via Mid West Police Facebook  

Pic via Mid West Police Facebook  

A 38 year old woman is being charged with unlawful possession after trying to exchange some foreign currency at the Commonwealth Bank. 

Bank staff obviously thought something was suspicios so they contacted Police while the woman was trying to carry out her transaction. 

Police found the woman had several hundred US dollars in her possession, but she claimed she found the money.  

However, possession of stolen property is against the law regardless of whether you "found it" or not. 

The woman was arrested and taken to Geraldton Police station.  

The woman told police she found the money in a nearby bush area, and Police went there and found more money and phone cards.  

The currency and phone cards were returned to the rightful owner. 

The 38 year old female from Geraldton will appear at the Geraldton Magistrates Court on 14 May 2015 charged with unlawful possession.