8 ways to save money on your next flight


It’s always tricky when booking a flight because you don’t know whether the price will stay the same or go up or down by this time next week. It also takes time to save up for your dream holiday and once you’ve added up the cost of accommodation, eating out, long term parking and plane tickets, you’re not left with much to spend on yourself. Kaylie, who is the manager at Flight Centre Geraldton, shows us how easy it is to save money on airfares with these handy tips. 

1.  Avoid last minute tickets

It’s a myth that flights are cheaper when booked at the last minute. In fact, the closer you book to the date of departure, the more expensive the ticket will be. Seats are priced based on availability and prices are allocated after a set amount of seats have been booked. For example, an early bird sale for the first 100 seats on a flight may cost $150 for a ticket, but once those 100 seats are sold, a new price is allocated for the next 100 seats, which may be priced at $200, and so on. Booking your tickets as early as possible is what will save you money, so try not to book them at the last minute if possible. Booking a few weeks in advance for a domestic flight is recommended.

2. Book with a representative

Instead of booking your flight online and running the risk of making a costly mistake, talk to a representative either face-to-face or over the phone and get them to book it for you. This is definitely a wise choice because you’re in the safe hands of a professional who knows what they’re doing and you will be given the best price guaranteed, along with 24/7 support when you need it. When it comes to travel, it’s best to leave it to the professionals who will find a deal that best suits you and your budget.

3. Be flexible with your dates

The most expensive time to fly in Australia is generally around the holidays, such as Easter, Christmas and school breaks. So if you’re keen to book your flights around the holidays, be open to flexibility. Booking even just a week before or after the holiday period will make a huge difference in price.

4. Book a Holiday Package

Although this isn’t classified as just an airfare, Kaylie emphasises that booking a Holiday Package instead of booking everything separately will save you hundreds of dollars. Booking a Holiday Package includes everything from return airfares, accommodation, number of nights booked, transport to and from the airport and even continental breakfasts, depending on what package you purchase. Booking a Holiday Package will also give you access to wholesale prices for accommodation, whereas if you book accommodation separately, you will be expected to pay the regular price. Depending on the time of year, you can also receive bonus night/s accommodation for free.

5. Plan ahead

If you’re looking at going overseas in several months, start planning dates and get in early. International flights are a lot different to domestic flights, so don't book just a few weeks in advance. Kaylie recommends booking international trips around 10-11 months in advance (if possible) during the international early bird period when tickets are priced at their lowest.  Note: It is not possible to book flights more than 11 months in advance.

6. Book an Airfare Package

Fight Centre has recently introduced a new promotion called the International Airfare Package, which takes some of the hassle out of organising travel and you have access to great deals and discounts. Kaylie recommends the Captain’s Premium Package, priced at only $99 and guarantees you protection from a price drop in airfares once booked (you will be paid out the difference in the form of a flight centre gift card within 30 days of purchase), $150 discount on accommodation, 24/7 customer care, transferable deposits, visa and passport checks, and zero dollar cancellation fees if you decide to cancel your booking. You will also receive a refund in one business day if you cancel.

7. Book during a travel expo period 

Flight Centre hold travel expos three times a year and they’re a great opportunity to grab a bargain when booking airfares, cruises, accommodation and even travel insurance. Their expos generally take place in February, August and November; all of which offer great deals when travelling to certain destinations at particular times in the year. A few expos include, Around The World, Discover Europe, Cruise Expo and Discover America. So if you’re looking at travelling overseas, visit their website and see what each expo has to offer.

8. Attend a film night

Flight Centre Geraldton hold film nights every three months and major wholesalers, such as Virgin Airlines, come to Geraldton and offer unbeatable bargains that are not available online. Their next film night takes place on June 17th so come along, enjoy some champagne, grab yourself a bargain and save anywhere from $300 to $700. It doesn't get much better than that.


Any of these handy tips has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars on your next holiday and the team at Flight Centre Geraldton are here to help you every step of the way.  Phone them on 1300 511 869 to book your next holiday.

  • They’re located at Shop 14A Stirlings Central, 54 Sanford Street Geraldton (next to Sanity)
  • Trading hours: Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 5:30pm, Saturday from 9:00am - 5:00pm and close at 9:00pm on Thursday nights.