Geraldton fuel prices similar to Perth


During the recent December/January holiday period, Geraldton residents were outraged over the large, inexplicable difference in fuel prices between Geraldton and Perth. 

Apologists for the fuel retailers in town justified the 20 - 30 cent difference by saying it costs more to get fuel to the Mid West, retailers needed to charge the extra just to survive, and if you don't like it, leave. 

MLA Ian Blayney responded to the public outrage over what felt like extortion by calling on the Minister for Commerce to investigate the situation (link).

Since Blayney's call for an investigation, and the public and media outcry, prices have mysteriously come much closer to Perth prices. 

The Perth Metro average today was 137 cents for regular unleaded. 

Prices in Geraldton today ranged from 131.5 cents to 147.9, for regular unleaded. At least 6 fuel stations were less than the Perth Metro average. 

In December, the difference between the Mid West and Perth Metro for the average price of ULP was 25.2 cents. In May so far, the difference has been 6.9 cents. 

Other than the threat of investigation, it's unclear why fuel is all of a sudden able to be sold at prices similar to Perth. 

Average ULP Price Difference between Mid West and Perth Metro

Prices via FuelWatch