New café on the foreshore ?

Jessica Millward from the Geraldton Guardian has a great write up on the debate currently going on regarding adding another cafe to Geraldton's foreshore. (link)

Christian Watters, the proponent of the venture, went to the city with the idea for the small cafe. He's the energy behind the idea for the Geraldton Ocean Baths, and he and his wife own and run Jaffle Shack, Fleurs, and Cavania. Their reputation for working towards a more vibrant CBD and Marine Terrace is well proven. 

Colin Dymond is also a well regarded local businessman, who currently owns the lease for the relatively new cafe called Two Foreshore, located right next to the kid's playground. The building is owned by the City of Greater Geraldton. They used to run a rest centre of sorts that sold ice creams, but recently leased the building out. 

Mr Dymond's argument against the new cafe is basically that he wouldn't have spent the money on leasing and fitting out the building had he been aware the council was going to allow more competition on the foreshore.

Mr Watters' argues that the cafe will attract more people to the foreshore and CBD, benefiting all. 

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