April was our third highest month on record for burglaries


For the Mid West Gascoyne district in April 2015, 187 burglaries of dwellings were recorded by Police. 

This is third highest number we have on record (since July 1999). What makes this number even more startling is that it occurred in April, not a December or January when home burglaries usually spike in number. 

The number is significantly higher than the most recent December and January figures of 142 and 155 respectively. 

The only time 187 has been surpassed was:

January 2014 - 192 Burglaries of dwellings
January 2002 - 198 Burglaries of dwellings

Of note

  • Rangeway recorded its single worst month ever for home burglaries, with 34. That's more than one per day. 
  • The entire suburb of Wandina which includes all of Seacrest, according to data from the WA Police, recorded only 1 burglary for the entire month of April. 
  • In April of 2014, there were 89 home burglaries in the Mid West Gascoyne district, almost 100 less than this year.