4 low maintenance plants that will look great in any garden


Low maintenance plants are becoming a very popular choice in the Midwest region because they are tolerant of hot and windy weather conditions and require little watering. Low maintenance plants come in a variety of colourful species that will not only give you a beautiful looking garden, but also save you money and time in the long run. Although gardening is a fun weekend activity and is very rewarding, dying plants that fail to survive in harsh weather conditions can make the experience quite frustrating and costly.

Local nursery, Mooreview Plants and Trees, has been growing and supplying a variety of plants and trees for over 7 years that are suited to the Midwest region. Owner, Caroline Wright, says any of these 4 low maintenance plants will give you a beautiful looking garden without all the hassle in between. 

Eremophila - The Emu Bush

Caroline ranked the Emu Bush as one of her favourite low maintenance plants because of its beautiful coloured flowers and easy maintenance. Eremophila plants are guaranteed to put a splash of colour into your garden and they are very easy to maintain with their low water requirements. These plants thrive in direct sunlight and only require watering several times per year (too much water rather than not enough will kill the plant). Eremophila plants are extremely hardy and tolerate strong winds and warm weather.

Grevillia Olivacea

This lush native shrub makes a great garden hedge for blocking wind and is very easy to prune and maintain. Grevillia Olivaceas’ grow up to 2 metres tall and flower all year round. They’re adaptable to any soil condition and are a fantastic plant that will attract birds into your backyard. Once established, they no longer require hand watering, as the occasional shower of rain is more than enough. Caroline says the Grevillia Olivacea is one of the lowest maintenance plants she grows.

Westringia – Native Rosemary

Westringia’s are a low compact bush that will do great in any landscape setting and thrive in both direct sunlight and in the shade. Westringia plants tolerate hot climates very well and only require watering 1-3 times per year. Due to its compact size and rate of growth, these plants make fantastic garden hedges, so early pruning is recommended.

Anigozanthos – Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paws are a fantastic and colourful plant to have in the garden that is not affected by strong winds and grows best in direct sunlight. Kangaroo Paws grow up to 2 metres tall with long flower stems that come in a variety of colours, including yellow, red, pink and orange. Kangaroo Paws have a slightly higher demand for water during the warmer months, but are still quite drought tolerant. Watering them lightly once a fortnight during warm temperatures is more than enough. Kangaroo Paws adapt well in any garden and also make great pot plants. They will thrive all year round, as long as they’re lightly watered during summer and spring. 

So, if you’re looking at giving your garden a fresh new look, why not head on down to Mooreview Plants and Trees? If you're after something different, they also have a wide range of native seedlings, fruit trees, advanced trees and exotic, non-native plants to choose from.

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