Telstra’s new breed of speed comes to Tarcoola Beach

Life in Tarcoola Beach just got a whole lot faster with Telstra launching 4GX services in the area providing the local community with access to one of the world’s fastest mobile networks. 

The introduction of 4GX services will deliver increased capacity for the local mobile network and will provide residents with improved and more consistent data speeds. This means more social media and video can be accessed in more places around Tarcoola Beach with less delay and less buffering.  

Telstra Area General Manager Alan Shepherdson said the introduction of 4GX was designed to ensure local residents continue to enjoy the best coverage, network reliability and consistently fast speeds as more activity, more people and more devices come onto Telstra’s network. 

“The local community in Tarcoola Beach is relying on mobile connectivity more than ever. The explosion in applications, shift towards mobile video consumption and use of mobile in commerce means demand for connectivity continues to grow strongly,” he said. 

“We’re staying ahead of this demand by introducing 4GX to increase network capacity. This will allow us to continue to offer our local customers Australia’s fastest most reliable mobile service. 

“As the first carrier to bring 4G mobile services to regional Western Australia we know how important high-speed mobile can be to supporting local businesses, tourism and making regional centres great places to live.” 

4GX sets a new benchmark in mobile internet speeds in Australia allowing people to download, share, stream and connect faster than ever. 4GX is based on Telstra’s new 700MHz spectrum and delivers higher typical mobile speeds on compatible devices, allowing more Western Australians to experience ultra-fast mobile internet. It also uses sophisticated LTE Advanced technology to bring together Telstra’s 1800MHz and 700MHz 4G spectrum bands to supercharge mobile web speeds even further on compatible devices. 

People using devices such as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced II in 4GX areas are set to enjoy typical download speeds of 2 to 100Mbps – which means top speeds twice as fast as those typically available on Telstra’s existing 4G service. 

The mark of high performance and reliable coverage
In 4GX areas, people with compatible devices can look forward to:

  • The fastest 4G speeds in Australia – People with 4GX category 6 devices can enjoy download speeds of between 2Mbps and 100Mbps. Customers with 4GX category 4 devices can enjoy typical download speeds of between 2Mbps to 75Mbps.
  • Extra 4G coverage – 4GX will boost in-building coverage for 4G services bringing speedy mobile web access to more offices, bedrooms and lifts. And in regional areas, 4GX can go further than Telstra’s existing 4G frequencies creating better 4G coverage.
  • More 4G to share – 4GX will double Telstra’s 4G bandwidth allowing people to enjoy their favourite content with fewer slowdowns even in peak hour or in crowded places like shops or on the bus. 

People can ensure they are equipped with a 4GX device by looking for the 4GX tag online and in store.