"I am a drug addict" - A letter from a Geraldton mum

A "Letter to the Editor" sent to Everything Geraldton:

I see many complaints from innocent people who are victims of crimes because of drugs.

I am a drug addict.

I wish for no judgement but I accept that I will receive bad receive reviews. I have been a heavy drug user for since I was 17 first starting with cannabis and for the last 9 months I have been a heavy 'speed addict'. I'm writing this because I want to warn young and old what using such a heavy drug does to your life.

I managed to steer clear of troubles from the law as juvenile and now 23 I am facing close to 40 serious charges (all committed in the last 5 months). This drug ruins lives, I heard and knew people sitting where I sit today and never did I imagine I would be here. Drugs are the ruination of people, relationships jobs.

When I first started I thought I could control my habit but the truth is the drug is more powerful than you know. Those who use will cheat, lie, steal anything for their next hit. Those who have just started will be sitting reading saying I've got this'.

If you're using you're never in control.

I won't tell you my journey over the last almost year has been all miserable because i have had some fun times (that didn't involve crimes) met some people I wouldn't have looked sideways at and seen a better side than you could imagine.

But the truth is this drug has damaged relationships beyond imagination. Some unrepairable, most loved ones. When the damage is first done you won't care but when you're sitting in the dark thinking 'I need help' you see the people you've hurt in order to service your drug habit.

I have lost my job, my true friends, my family and that's just the start. I sold items from my home, stolen items from family members and denied it. I have committed crimes I am ashamed of admitting. It's all fun and game's until it's not fun anymore and its a 'fight to survive'. If you've never touched it I can't stress enough how much I wish I never had.

Please take my strong advice. It's real, and there is nothing sadder sitting in a hole with nobody who cares and they don't care because after all you've used them, stolen from them etc to get your next hit. This drug will suck the life out of your soul, I promise you.

The world once was at my feet but opportunities closed and now it's a long climb back. I have young children and if I could lock them away from this I would do it in a heartbeat. I hope services start providing more education on this but not text book stuff, real people like me, real life proof. Maybe then people will see the reality of this evil drug.

Please don't kid yourself, to those who have loved ones on it the best thing you will do for them is shut your door firstly to protect yourself but the faster they fall the quicker they might get help.

Not everyone comes out and they'll never be the same person. The drug changes you more than I can explain. I wish I could protect all young people especially from this but I can't. Some will read this and become a user or continue to use but if i just make 1 person think twice and decide they are better than this I will have achieved a goal.

Believe me no matter what EVERYONE is better than this drug. There's no happy ending to a life like this. I wish to stay anonymous for my own safety but to my family I am sorry for the pain and hurt I have caused. It may not mean much but know they are true words.

To the innocent victims of my crimes an apology won't fix the damage caused but I offer my sincerest apology and hope one day I can say it in person.

Be conscious of what this drug does. I'm getting help (not court ordered) because I see now and I don't want to live like this. However, I accept some of my actions carry permanent consequences and I have to live with that and know that my actions caused it.

This drug has taken a lot from me but I am getting help because I am better than it and my children deserve better than they've received. It's taken a long time but it's never too late to stop.

I have a long road but I know now I can do better and I want to do better.