Marjorie Collett is Hiking for Nepal


When on holiday in sunny UK last year, my friends challenged me to join them on a 4 day trek along an Inca Trail in Peru. At that point, a hike up to Machu Picchu at 13,000ft seemed like a doable task and so I agreed. A year later I'm pondering on the wisdom of my 53 years and am considering that an embroidery course may have been a better option. 

In any case, I’m now committed and have been hiking all over Geraldton, complete with Backpack (weighed down with dumbbells) and walking boots, trying to find appropriate hills to climb. I’ve been jabbed with rabies and yellow fever vaccines, got my altitude sickness tablets, mosquito net, water purifying tablets and shewee (don’t ask….!) and I’m ready to go!

Thursday 4th June I start the travels (alone) to Peru via: - Geraldton, Perth, Sydney, Chile and eventually Lima in Peru, there I meet my friends from the UK and we fly to Cusco to start our trek in the jungle!!

I then considered that since I was doing this huge challenge I may as well make some money for charity…. But which one? 

And then the terrible earthquake happened in Nepal and I knew that these people needed all the help they could get. The least I could do was to raise some money for them with the help of Australia Red Cross. So when I’m walking 10k after work each night (with my friend in tow) I can at least consider that I am doing it for a good cause. Blistered feet, backache, creaking knees are nothing compared to the devastation that those poor people are having to endure. I just hope I live to tell the tale…. Wish me luck!

If you'd like to donate:  Marjorie Collett. BSB 086-082. Account no. 16-870-4917

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