Man who steals wallet gets decked by victim then arrested by Police

At about 3.15pm on Friday 10 July 2015 a delivery truck driver whilst loading goods at Centro Stirling Shopping complex allegedly had his wallet stolen from the cab of his truck.

Police say that two male offenders took the victim’s wallet and using his credit card, attempted to purchase good inside. The victim, alerted to the incident, confronted the males in the store during which time a scuffle ensued, according to a statement from the Police. 

However, according to witnesses, it was more than a scuffle.

One man posted on Facebook that when the man who had his wallet stolen caught up with the thief, the thief was "pounded to f### in Woolies bottle shop".

Another posted: "I was lucky enough to see the feral break away from the security guards and come at the bloke who got his wallet taken. Saw one of the best left hooks ever.... put the feral flat on his back seeing stars."

Police say the offenders ran from the store but were promptly located by police still in possession of the wallet. 

Daniel Swan, the man who had his wallet taken and his left hook tested, posted that it was returned to him thanks to the Police. He also thanked the person who alerted him to the fact his wallet had been stolen. 

A 24 year old male from Beachlands was charged with stealing and a 27 year old male from Wanneroo was charged with attempted fraud and receiving. 

Both were bailed to appear in the Geraldton Magistrates Court on 23 July 2015.