Budget at a glance: Rates to rise 3.9% and new tip charges

Rates will go up 3.9%
$10 per trailer to use the tip 
No verge side pick up any more

The CGG council tonight adopted the budget for the coming financial year. Here's some highlights. We'll publish more soon. 

Budget highlights at glance:
-Total increase in rates revenue limited to 3.9% plus growth.
-It will now cost $10 to use the Meru tip. 
-The verge side pickup is not going to happen any more. 
-Introduction of concessions to soften impact of significant valuation increases.
-Removal of City Centre Specified Area Rate.
-$275,000 for a flood plain management study (grant funded).
-$130,000 allocated to Chapman River Wildlife Corridor and Greenough River.
-$100,000 for Midwest Gascoyne Recovery Project to benefit 19 local
-Sale of former Greenough Shire office and former Geraldton Depot.
-$4,500,000 to decontaminate Olive Street and provide additional public open
-$50,000 to investigate and establish a Volunteer program.
-$75,000 to fund the HMAS Sydney II 75th anniversary.
-$65,000 for public art.
-$60,000 for an Aboriginal employment and training scheme.
-$150,000 allocated for signature events.
-$94,000 increase in parks maintenance.
-$671,000 increase in road maintenance.
-$182,000 increase in asset management.
-$10,000 for a customer service review.
-$8,000,523 for a Multi User Facility and Youth Precinct on the Foreshore.
-$1,408,000 for 500lux lights at Wonthella Oval.
-$18,071,742 to finalise the Karloo Wandina (Verita Road) Project.
-$7,175,000 for Beresford Foreshore beach protection.
-$1,000,000 for new animal management facility.
-$4,054,700 upgrade to Queens Park Theatre.
-$100,000 Mullewa Transfer Station.
-$486,450 for Town Beach finger jetty upgrade.
-$1,000,000 for Geraldton Airport fire main upgrade.
-$240,000 to provide mobility impaired access to Town Beach.
-$150,000 to refurbish Mullewa Youth Centre.
-$14,458,668 to renew roads and drainage infrastructure.
-$1,693,475 to renew parks and gardens infrastructure.
-$1,701,803 for new roads and drainage infrastructure.
-$1,997,000 to replace ageing plant and equipment.