Foreshore sea container café approved by Council

An application to open a transportable sea container café on the Foreshore that will activate the area was approved by Council this week.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor, Ian Carpenter, said the transportable café, cladded and roofed to resemble a beach shack, will have a positive impact on the entire Foreshore and CBD.

“To attract more people to the CBD and Foreshore you need a range of activities and amenities. The temporary sea container café, which will be located near the Foreshore Drive/Forrest Street intersection, will provide amenities in the area which residents and visitors alike have said would greatly enhance their Foreshore experience,” Mayor Carpenter said.

“The sea container café provides the essential third node of amenity and activity on the Foreshore that was identified more than 12 years ago during the design and development stage of the Foreshore Revitalisation Project. The other nodes include the West End where the Multi User Facility and Youth Precinct are currently being constructed and the middle portion of the Foreshore where the Dome Café is located.”

Activities and amenities on the Foreshore are also essential in attracting tourists to the City.

“The Foreshore is the jewel in our City’s crown and is absolutely instrumental in convincing tourists to stop at our City and even make the decision to stay in Geraldton.  It’s been our point of difference in comparison with other coastal towns and cities and our Council is keen to see brought to its full potential,” Mayor Carpenter said.

The side opening sea container café, which will be alfresco focused, will be provided with a three year lease for an 8m x 6m (48m2) parcel of land that comprises of a 24m2 sea container with concrete tie downs and 24m2 veranda containing universal access. It will provide some good temporary amenity to the area until the upcoming development of the Batavia Coast Marina, Stage 2 by the Public Transport Authority are completed in forthcoming years. 

The installation and fitting out of the sea container, construction and maintenance of the timber deck/universal access, the supply of tables and chairs and all costs related to the installation and connection of utility services for the leased area are the responsibility of the café owner.