Staff fear for their lives after witnessing assault

Staff at a local business complex were distraught after witnessing a violent assault outside their premises yesterday (Thursday 30 July). 

Those that tried to intervene were threatened by the attacker with the same violence. 

The attacker walked away from the scene, and Police arrived around half an hour after the incident. 

One witness, who asked not to be named for fear of retaliation, described what happened:

"We heard an argument between a man & woman outside of the (building) which began to escalate into loud verbal abuse followed by a violent physical attack of hitting, punching and later kicking when the victim was pushed to the ground. 
"We yelled out to the  attacker to stop - to which he threatened us with the same violence. 
"One of the staff members rang the police while we watched, unable to help. At this stage other people became aware and were trying to intervene and help as well.
"Police told us they were unable to send anyone at this stage because they did not have a vehicle to dispatch.
"The attacker walked away, I can only presume because of the amount of people who were now starting to stop.
"The police attended some 1/2 hr later - when we told them the woman was being attended to inside the building.
"This type of behaviour has been escalating since the (employment services organisation) opened in the building."
"(It's a) horrible situation, when you fear for you own life if you try to help someone else."

Another witness expressed her thanks towards the people who did intervene.  "I'd like to thank the two white men who ran to help an Aboriginal woman who was being belted to a pulp by her partner yesterday at the front of (.... ) and thanks to the other 4 white people who ran in to help her. It's good to know people do care about others whatever colour they are."

"I tried to help but 'cause I'm Aboriginal he was going to hit me but he sacked his panties when the white man came running in," she said. 

Police have advised that the woman who was attacked has not made any formal complaints at this point.