Women Invited to Free After Breast Cancer Exercise Program


Women who have experienced breast cancer at any time in their lives are being invited to register now for the free after breast cancer exercise program, YWCA Encore, which is running in Geraldton commencing in August 2015. The Encore program supports the physical well-being of women after the trauma of breast cancer surgery or treatment in a nurturing and supportive environment, whether that surgery was a few months ago or 20 years ago. It runs for eight weeks, is tailored for all fitness levels and abilities and incorporates land and hydrotherapy exercises.

The Encore program is based on the latest research revealing the benefits of exercise for women being treated for breast cancer, which shows that aerobic exercise is of particular benefit along with resistance exercises.

Cathy Stubbs, YWCA Of Perth Program coordinator says, “The Encore Program was created to improve movement, flexibility and strength after breast cancer surgery. It helps to reduce the potential risk of lymphoedema and can assist in its management.

“We’ve been working with leading experts in the field of exercise and cancer to help us review the research and update our program and as a result, Encore now includes an aerobic component as well as strength and mobility exercises.”

The Breast Cancer Network of Australia recommends regular exercise to help improve physical and emotional wellbeing, including mood, sleep, and bone mineral density, and to help manage some of the physical side effects of breast cancer treatment, such as fatigue and pain.

Encore helps women stay well after a very difficult time in their lives, not only through the proven physical benefits of the program, but also through meeting others who’ve had similar experiences.

As medical clearance is required, it’s important to register as soon as possible in order to secure a place, at least two weeks prior to the class beginning because the classes are small and intimate, so places fill up quickly.

Register by calling 0894403501 emailing programs@ywcaperth.com.au Participation is free