City to spend record amount to stimulate local economy

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor, Ian Carpenter, says there is no better time to inject a record amount of money into the local economy for capital works and renewals.

A record $68.5 million will be spent on various capital works in the next financial year as part of a significant capital works plan in the 2015/16 budget, $7 million more than last year’s budget.

Mayor Carpenter said with the downturn in the resources sector affecting employment, this was the right time for the City to spend money and boost the local economy.

“This Council cannot afford to sit on its hands during this period and our budget unashamedly looks to stimulate our local economy,” Mayor Carpenter said.

“With an increase in unemployment in the region, investing in capital works and asset renewal will reinvigorate the local economy and generate job opportunities.”

“We know local employment has taken a hit with the economic downturn but this record spend will provide some relief to the local construction industry,” Mayor Carpenter said.

“It is the responsibility of Local Government to help ease the cyclical patterns of the WA economy and the City’s investment in capital works and renewals will help to ease the fluctuations set by the resources industry in our region.”

The City has undertaken a comprehensive audit of local assets and City infrastructure which is currently valued at more than half a billion dollars.

“We are putting a big emphasis on asset renewal and we are addressing the backlog of decaying infrastructure in our community.

Of the $68.5 million, a total of $20.7 million will be spent on infrastructure renewal.

“The City is investing to ensure that local infrastructure is in great condition for our community to use and enjoy,” Mayor Carpenter said.

“The Council is committed to ensuring that it is the businesses and residents within our community that benefit from this record capital expenditure and is continuing to work with the Midwest Chamber of Commerce and Industry in reviewing our purchasing policies and practices to enhance the opportunities for local businesses.”

Budget highlights at a glance - Download PDF