Letter to the Editor: Looking for a friend

I am looking for a friend whom I have only had telephone contact with now for over 20 years. His name is Joseph LeGarde and he is about 45 years old. He lives in Geraldton now and does contract work out of town. He works for a lady by the name of Lauren and she owns and flys a helicopter. She use to be in Partnership with Gavin. They do contract work for the Govn/Mines re beautifying old mine sites and he works driving big excavators and machinery. I think He lives in a Wynobago (big camping van on the business property when he is in town. He also is very good friends with a lady by the name of Tina and he co parents a young girl by the name of Gabriella with Tina. I think Tina owns and runs a Comercial Cleanng Business. He has told me about a niece by the name of Julie McDonald and I beleive she has been working and staying with him for afew months. He normally calls me every 2 weeks or so and has done for over 20 years. It has now been over 3 months and I have not heard from him and I am very worried and have really no idea where to go to start looking for him to make sure he is OK. Could you please help me at all. I'm really not sure I know how bit Geraldton is??? My mobile is 0415250915 and home number is 07 33512235. These are the two numbers he does contact me on