This home is still getting trashed by neighbouring youths 7 months later

6 months ago we shared the above video of a home in Geraldton that had been trashed by neighbouring youths. The owners were distraught. They say they've been to the Police so many times with nothing able to be done they don't even bother any more. 

The initial damage occurred in January 2015.

The total bill for the damage was $73,000.

Today, the owners contacted us again, at their wit's end about what to do regarding continued damage to the home, pleading for help from anyone in the community. 

"Hey I had my house destroyed in Jan by a bunch of kids under the age of 12... Well guess what. They keep coming back and doing more damage since the $73,000.00 worth of damage in Jan. They have done damage to our new fence out the front, thrown rocks at 3 windows and smashed them, graffitied the fence out the front our front porch with paint and yesterday the kid smashed holes in the fence! I've been really understanding with these kids but enough is enough. Where do I go? Police? DCP? Melissa Price? Council? Me and my family are exhausted. HELP please anyone?"
"I have even approached the rock group (youth organisation).... I'm seriously at my witts end. I have been making complaint after complaint. I have given up even reporting to the police. I don't bother any more."

The owner's also sent a message to local youth organisations trying to get assistance:

"The kid that did this fence was apparently 5. All the kids who have damaged my property have been under the age of 12. I seriously am at my whits end. Help them please. Every time I am at my house I see them do runs to and from the shops stealing food."

hey say they have already spent $10,000 of their own money (not insurance money) on improvements to the home, and now cannot afford a lawyer to help them handle this ongoing issue that no one is taking responsibility for. 

The neighbouring residents that are causing the damage are Dept of Housing tenants. The Department of Housing say they have "actioned" the matter, but the damage continues. 

When asked about taking the matter to the Police, the home owner stated that "they are under the age of criminal prosecution. Only thing police can do lodge a report for DCP to follow up with."