Resident finds syringe in mailbox


An Everything Geraldton reader shared this warning with us today. A good reminder never to shove your hands somewhere you can't see. 

"Hi, I was put in a very scarey situation today and Just wanted to share for people to keep an eye out when checking their mailboxes... My parents live in the centre of town and when I went to clear out their mailbox today a dirty, used needle fell out amongst the mail and onto my hand. I know there is a drug problem but seriously in a house mailbox! The only thing was that I am very lucky the user had enough decency to put the lid on the needle. If they hadn't of things would have been much worse as that's the end that fell on my hand. Just wanted to give the heads up as this is very upsetting, this was in our home mailbox. And even that's not safe enough, imagine if a child had of collected the mail and it's even scarier to think someone is close enough to be shooting up just outside on our property."


Jason Smith

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