Shane Van Styn announces he is running for Mayor

Another candidate has announce he is running for the office of Mayor. Current councillor Shane Van Styn has released a letter announcing his candidacy, and he states several reasons for running. 

The full release follows:

After talking with many people in the last few months I have been encouraged to run for Mayor.

People tell me they are tired of the City not listening to their demands, tired of buck passing and the never ending requests for more rates to cover increasing costs especially for services not seen as the core business of the City. People want someone who will not only listen and talk but also act.

Sure the City is not responsible for law and order but we can advocate harder for increased Police and tougher sentences, even curfews and not just stay out of the law and order debate claiming simply “it is not our responsibility”.

Sure the City is bearing large cost increases but we can work harder in lowering our overall costs and driving economic efficiencies to keep rate rises low. In my businesses I make these decisions every day as I cannot simply keep lifting my prices.

The current field of candidates, have over a long time, either led our City through heavily opposed amalgamation or the subsequent obscene large rates rises or both. The blow out in current City costs results from these decisions made over the years.

I have been working hard as a Councillor to resolve the difficulties we now face and have been a vocal campaigner against the rate rises and costs excesses of the City, but supported worthwhile projects as required.

We need to get back to basics and fix our roads and footpaths, improve street lighting, support our clubs, protect our environment and heritage, support new businesses and provide quality day to day services expected of a large regional City.

We must also not neglect Mullewa and Greenough; areas that are important parts of our City.

I will work tirelessly to restore confidence in the City by continuing the current drive to be a safer, more economically responsible and more commercially attractive City that listens to its residents. I will be a strong advocate for Geraldton even if in areas traditionally not our responsibility.

I ask voters to elect me as their Mayor to set a fresh direction for our City by restoring the community’s confidence in it.

Shane Van Styn