Letter to the editor: Re Sun City Cinema

Dear Friends and Supporters


I have been overwhelmed with the support shown by the public after my message on the Sun City Cinema facebook site. Having come to the end of my initial agreed three year tenure with the CGG, I have asked for several ideas to be put in place including an element of funding so that I can keep the cinema going, expand on what we are doing and build it to an amazing family weekly event. 

My last meeting with the CGG left me deflated and some comments were made that left us feeling as if the CGG couldn’t really care less. Of course this was the feeling I got from one person. I made it clear that Sun City Cinema is not non profit and has to be successful in order to maintain a high quality.

I stated very clearly that the CGG have been supportive in the past and partnered with me on some ideas I put forward including the New Years Eve Event, Film Festival etc.

Since yesterday's comments, I have had GWN call me,  several businesses wanting to set up the cinema in their place and one councillor, David Caudwell, who was very concerned and has since spoken to me.

I have explained where we are at and David has expressed a wish to take the issue to other councillors and the CGG as he believes the cinema is a worthwhile part of Geraldton and sees my vision of it adding to our foreshore and family entertainment in the Mid West. 

I will keep people posted. The least that can happen is that we can have a cinema that keeps its focus on people and not just profit. 


George Scicluna