"Bin Man" rewarded

Local resident Courtney was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find her bin had been emptied, despite having not put it out. 

The bin was on the other side of the street. 

She decided to check her home's security footage to find out who the Good Samaritan was.

What she discovered prompted her to contact us and express her gratitude.


We shared the message of thanks to the Veolia driver who had gone the extra mile for Courtney onto our Facebook page. 

Geraldton residents loved the post, sharing it far and wide. Currently over 36,000 people have seen Courtney's note of thanks.  

Rob, a manager at Veolia, reached out to us, in the hopes of working out who the driver was. 

After working out where the house was, it was discovered that the helpful driver was "Zatie Hazel". 

He's been rewarded with a $50 Bunnings voucher.  


If you have kids that love watching the rubbish bin truck come past like I do, you've probably seen Zatie before. He's perhaps the friendliest driver I've ever come across in my time on this earth. 

Thanks for making Geraldton a better place Zatie.