Promotion: Who Will? HILL WILL!

As your next Mayor I will:

  • Work to ensure that rates do not increase above CPI.
  • Reduce Council dependence on Federal and State Government grants.
  • Reduce council costs and waste.
  • Encourage more tourism to the City.
  • Improve sporting, recreation and community facilities.
  • Encourage the development of a community recycling strategy.
  • Reduce crime and vandalism.
  • Eliminate duplicated services provided by Federal and State governments.
  • Offer duress alarms to seniors who live alone in City of Greater Geraldton.
  • Support a ‘Buy Local’ policy for local government tenders and contracts.
  • Ensure that the Mayor is elected by the people of Greater Geraldton and not inhouse by Councillors.
  • Encourage the establishment of community resident and progress groups.
  • Be available and approachable for all residents.
  • Encourage land owners to improve their real estate interests in the CBD.

Vote for a Mayor who will deliver:


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Authorised by Jenny Walsh, 10 Duboulay St Geraldton WA 6530