Ron Ashplant- candidate for Council, City of Greater Geraldton

As the designers and creators of the HMAS Sydney II Memorial, in association with the Rotary Club of Geraldton, we would like to express our support for Mr. Ron Ashplant in his forthcoming quest seeking election to the Council of Greater Geraldton. 

Mr. Ashplant played a significant part in the successful development of the Sydney Memorial on Mt. Scott, when he was a member of Council previously, and his devotion to community development generally is, by all accounts, of the highest standard. 

The HMAS Sydney II Memorial, now recently voted as the No.1 Tourist attraction in WA by the International Trip Adviser Travel Site, needs careful and ongoing support for its care and upkeep generally, but especially by someone with such a track record in understanding the requirements of such a sensitive element and central feature, in this community.  

It is our strong opinion that having Mr. Ashplant in Council would be a major help to fulfill the role required and ensure that the Memorial was maintained at the highest level. 

The people of Geraldton would be very fortunate indeed to have someone of Mr. Ashplant’s calibre as a Council member again. 

We wish him every success.

Joan Walsh-Smith & Charles Smith