6 native plants that are easy to grow in your Geraldton garden and look great

1. Pink Poker Grevilleas

Years ago I found this species when seed picking in the bush slightly south of Kalbarri. This local native is not only a picture to have in the landscape but drought hardy, a great low windbreak and wonderfully attractive to birds. These magnificent plants are now available in 3 litre white bags. 

Grevillea petrophiliodes

Grevillea petrophiliodes

2. Green Humming Bird Shrub

I have been waiting for this wonderful little shrub from the Carnarvon and Exmouth sand dunes to flower. They are in tubes and are fast growing. And beginning to flower...

Crotalaria cunninghamii

Crotalaria cunninghamii

3. Painted Marianthus

This versatile hardy local plant is traditionally a shrub but can easily be trained up a fence to put on a stunning show. Low water, low maintenance and highly adaptable to our changing seasons. 

Marianthus bicolor

Marianthus bicolor

4. Honey Myrtle

Breathtaking! I love the flowering intensity of this plant. It grows well in most soil types, occurs naturally on breakaway country and is wonderfully hardy. I saw these plants flowering yesterday growing without irrigation on a rural property in Waggrakine.

Melaleuca filifolia

Melaleuca filifolia

5. Tennis Ball Pink Passionfruit

Ok, so this one's actually native to Brazil. But it grows brilliantly here. It is not grafted so no rootstock to take over and dominate the vine. It has a sensational flavour, the perfect acid to sweet combination. My favourite variety for the Geraldton area. Check out its size next to the tennis ball.

6. Moresby Range Mallees

The Moresby Range mallees are small, tough and quaint. We have a selection of species for different soil types including this special sandplain Eucalyptus species. (Eucalyptus eudesmoides

Mallee means a multiple stemmed Gum tree. This photo is of the original mallee from the sandplains throughout the Waggrakine, Moresby and Park Falls areas. They don't all have multiple stems initially but if damaged by fire or rabbits will reshoot with multiple trunks. Mallee roots are famous for their high quality firewood and artistic tabletops.

Eucalyptus eudesmoides

Eucalyptus eudesmoides

Put together by Julie Firth from The Drylands Permaculture Nursery. You can purchase all of the above plus lots more from The Drylands Permaculture Nursery. 

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