Have we become so risk averse we are destroying our community?

When I was told the other day that a small community group needed to purchase an insurance policy for $270, to invite local people to enjoy and celebrate history for a few hours, I really had to ask myself, has this all gone too far? My flippant retort was to suggest the writing of a mass waiver. But then, can you imagine...'welcome, great to see you Linda and Bob, can you sign this form so if anything happens including burns, falls, theft or psychological trauma we wont be liable, but yes have a great time, help yourself to a sausage', what a mood killer. It seems these days our small 'friends and neighbors community groups' are being choked with requirements and expectations to address criteria, fill out forms, undertake risk assessments and complete a raft of 'just in case' forms. I wonder how many people think twice about bringing folks together for worry of having to complete a risk matrix, or OHS assessment. I am not saying there isn't a place for these things, of course, events need to be safe, but I am wondering when it comes to smaller ordinary neighborhood events, have we thrown the baby out with the bath water......does it really need to be this complicated? I think somewhere along the line the voice of ordinary folks has been drowned out by the noise of the litigation and the insurance machine. I can't say I have the answers, or even an alternative, that might get us out of the insurance quagmire, but I do think we really need to examine who is controlling how and why we do things....I for one am ready to question why the policies of 'You Need Insurance Corp' have insidiously crept into ordinary interactions in our community.