Promotion: Old V New Leadership: A Clear Choice

Does Geraldton want new leadership and direction or does it wish to remain with the same set of leaders we have had for more than a decade? Postal vote kits will be in your letter boxes this week so you can read the Mayoral candidate profiles for yourself and decide.

Voter turnout in Geraldton typically runs around 30% of eligible voters. Over the last 2 years I have seen electors throw out half a Council and yet still feel as though their message is not getting through. The answer: Increase voter turnout for a stronger message and change the leadership.

There is a great field of candidates in the Councillor elections with a mix of new and existing candidates.  Voters really do have a chance this year to set a new direction should they turn out. It certainly won’t take long to read the profiles of the candidates and send back your vote.

If you don’t like what is happening to playgrounds or crumbling infrastructure vote for change. If you don’t like crazy rate rises, again vote for change. Do you want your free tipping back, perhaps kerbside recycling?

If you think Council should stop wasting money on administration and airy fairy talkfests and get back to providing the basics of roads, recreation, reserves and rubbish then vote for me, Shane Van Styn. If you want to show your support for lower rates I ask you to once again support me and my fight against the crazy rate rises.

C’mon Geraldton, let’s turn out to vote and send a clear message we want our City back listening to and serving the people.

Written and Authorised by Shane Van Styn, 51 Gregory Street Geraldton WA 6530