Book review of local author's novel "The Hero of the Ashes"

A local author, Ali Constable, has recently published a book titled 'The Hero of the Ashes' and it is set in Geraldton and locations to the east. 

The book is very character driven and relationship focused, and ultimately a story of hope. Thus it immediately entwines the reader into the lives involved. It is about how you are forced to get on with life while you are grieving and how people around you are oblivious to your pain. 

It's about the courage and strength of mothers when faced with extreme situations. While Esther (the main character) is a girl of action, Marybelle (her helper and friend) is more openly lead by Faith which together forms the focus. 

I was moved due to my own personal pains and am convinced others too would feel this deep connection. 

This is the first to be published in a set of three. Those who have read the first are very eager for the next to be completed, as each chapter leaves you wanting to know more and the last of course does the same. 


A quote by the author:

'The complete 3 book arc covers grief, loss, action, adventure, love, faith, marriage and grace and puts forward the question; what part would YOU play if our Government issued a Call to Arms....'