Geraldton council election

I would like to extend my best wishes to Ron Ashplant in the coming council election. Ron was instrumental in bringing to light the wretched plight myself and other residents of Utakarra were subjected to , that being the faulty sewage system and pumping station in Clematis Crescent. Ron not only was the first person to investigate this issue , but over the next 2 years continued to keep in touch and give valuable advice on which avenues to follow next. During this time we were visited by numerous politicians and water corporation management, Including Darren West, Dave Kelly , Mia Davies, and even, MarkMcGowan leader of the ALP , but sadly not once did I have any contact with our councillors from the ward of willcock, even though one lives in the immediate area . SoRon thank you for your efforts and I hope you are successful in the coming election , for the sake of your ward. Hopefully we can find a candidate half as good to represent the people of willcock

Paul Mcconnon