Promotion: Van Styn: Your Chance To Vote Is Now

By now you should of received your postal voting kit. This is your chance to vote for who you trust to set the direction of the City of Greater Geraldton. In reality you really have 2 choices:

1)      Vote for a long serving former CEO, a long term former member for Geraldton, or a long term current Mayor and stick with the current way Council is run; Or

2)      Vote for someone with new ideas and a new focus.

As a member of the latter group I represent a new focus for Council. One that is focussed on ensuring we get back to basics and deliver the services and assets that our people really want. How will I know what people want? By listening…

Taking the time to vote may seem like something that won’t make a difference but nothing could be further from the truth. You see it is not just the result that matters but the margin of a win that matters.

A larger win shows a mandate to other members of Council that the public have loudly spoken as to how they feel about the direction that candidate has set out during their campaign.

If you think Council should stop wasting money on administration and airy fairy talkfests and get back to providing the basics of roads, recreation, reserves and rubbish then vote for me, Shane Van Styn. If you want to show your support for lower rates I ask you to once again support me and my fight against the crazy rate rises.

C’mon Geraldton, let’s turn out to vote and send a clear message we want our City back listening to and serving the people. Let’s change for the better.

Shane Van Styn – Candidate for Mayor

Written and Authorised by Shane Van Styn, 51 Gregory Street Geraldton WA 6530