Where I can, and when it matters, I will speak up for children

In this most unusual job application I have been doing lately, in this running for Council, I am lucky enough to have an amazing support network. My friends have been a source of inspiration, chewing over ideas, suggesting what I should do next. My friends have been giving me ideas about the best way to write to the community of Geraldton, whom lets face it I only know 300 people. Anyhow, a couple of my friends suggested.....'when you explain who you are you don't really need to say your a mum'. I thought...' yeah I suppose I probably don't'. But there was something about that made me feel really uncomfortable. Why was I so attached to including 'being a mum' in the explanation about who I was. 

And then it came to me; it means, I want to speak for the children in our community, who don't have their own voices. The children whose only hope of ensuring their needs are met is through the care and attention of their guardians. Having been blessed with this role of being a mum it means, I not only have the knowledge, but the responsibility, to ensure the little ones are not forgotten. I will support family friendly events, library's, beautiful recreation spaces, knowing thatchildren need to socialise, learn and play with their family and community. I will say I want clear footpaths, so kids feel safer walking to their friends house. I will, say I want dangerous dogs to be controlled so that children don't become the victims of dog attacks. I will say community safety needs to be increased so children don't have to worry about getting yelled at, abused or scared by random adults. I will say parks need to be maintained so children don't cut their feet open, or find needles in the sand.  And I am promising that where I can, and when it matters, I will speak up for children.

So I guess then, when I was left to consider what I really meant when I say 'I am a mum'; it is that, I advocate for children's and their family's needs, and speak up for children because they need someone to speak for them. Yes, I could say that, or I could simply say 'I am a mum' and trust that there would be plenty of other folks out there , who are also saying 'I am a mum' and 'I am a dad'  and we share the same idea about just what that means. 

Renee Ellis
Council Nominee for Willcock Geraldton