List of all parks and playgrounds that are open or closed

Many folks have been asking for a list of which parks have had their playgrounds closed and which are still open. The City has a web page with the info. 

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The following press release from the City provides an update on the situation


Play equipment safety audit completed

A report on the condition of play equipment located in parks across the City region conducted by industry specialists has been completed and submitted to the City for review.

The play equipment safety inspections took into consideration the condition and noncompliance of all 167 pieces of play equipment were part of an ongoing program of asset audits the City conducted over an 18 month period. 

City of Greater Geraldton CEO, Ken Diehm, said although the audit took longer than expected the comprehensive report it produced is an important document the City and Council needs to make decisions that put the safety of families and their children first.

“Although it took much longer than the City anticipated to inspect every piece of play equipment across the City the audit report, which is more than 700 pages long, has shown playground equipment is generally in poor condition with 31 pieces being of an unacceptable standard and that many of the soft fall areas need to be upgraded as well.

“Some of these things are safety issues that need to be addressed, that’s why 15 parks have been closed and equipment has been removed and until these issues are rectified playground areas cannot be opened for use by children and their families,” said Mr Diehm.

Although $349,000 has been allocated in this year’s budget to fund the renewal of playground equipment, according to the report it would cost an estimated $1.7M to replace all of the play equipment.

To assist in prioritising which parks will have their play equipment repaired or replaced the City is utilising the Public Open Space Strategy.

“Playground equipment in parks listed as high priority in the strategy will be replaced progressively in the next few months.  Until this work is completed, the fences will remain in place to ensure community safety.

“Where parks that have had their equipment removed or identified as non-compliant and are not listed as high priority in the strategy, these may not be replaced in the near future,” said Mr Diehm.

A report to Council is currently being prepared on this matter identifying those parks that will have their playground equipment replaced or removed.  The report will be available from the Council website as part of the Council meeting agenda.

“I can appreciate the community would like to see the repairs and replacement of play equipment completed as quickly as possible so they can enjoy these facilities with their children and I apologise for the delays however, it is my responsibility as the City CEO to ensure that all play equipment meets safety standards before they are opened again for community use.”

Below is a list of parks currently closed or have had some of their equipment removed and parks that are partially closed where only some of the equipment is available for use.



A list of parks which are open, current closed or partially closed to the public can be found at the link at the top of this article. 

As play equipment in parks are reopened to the public, these parks will be added to the website list.

The Public Open Space Strategy is available at the City Civic Centre, Mullewa District Office or on the City website by clicking here.