Introducing the Geraldton Youth Precinct - Video

Introducing the new City of Greater Geraldton "Youth Precinct". 
It opens this Australia Day.

We headed down there this afternoon to have a look and speak with a few folk from CGG about the new foreshore addition. 
It looks like a lot of fun for all age groups. There's a rage cage, some very fun looking electronic games, foosball tables, table tennis, and more.

It will be open each day from 6:30am until 10:30pm. Sports equipment is available from the Visitor Centre with a $5 deposit.

There is a new "Changing Places" toilet facility, that provides unprecedented facilities for restricted mobility members of our community, a first for WA. A beach access ramp for wheelchairs is also on its way.

Stay tuned later in the year when the rest of the multi user facility is finished. CGG have called the multi user facility and Youth Precinct the "jewell in the crown" for our foreshore. It certainly is a welcome addition to our city.