Mark Turner's Response

Mark Turner got in touch with us after someone published something claiming to be suspicious of him, describing him and naming him and his publicly naming his employer. The person who published this did not bother to contact the business first. We tried to contact the person who published the original post, but they did not respond. Everything Geraldton deleted the post as there appeared to be nothing to substantiate the claims made. It's worth keeping in mind that you are legally accountable for anything you publish and can be sued for defamation, even if you only publish on social media.

Here is Mark's response:

Yes you're right, my name is Mark. My full name is Mark Turner.
I have been newly employed by Batavia Concrete. Geraldton WA. 
I just sold my successful Hunting film entertainment production company over east & have left the Northern Territory a few months ago, setting off on an around Australia working road trip, in my white twin cab Toyota Hilux 4X4, fitted with aluminium tray, roof rack, tool box, trailblazer fridge & dog box for safe transportation of my Border Collie cross pig hunting dog. (I do like a good yarn like most Territorians) I'm a light drinker & I do NOT do drugs of any kind.

I'm spending Christmas & New Years with very close friend in Geraldton.
I'm happy for anybody to approach me & have a chat at anytime.

I am very happy for anybody to get in contact with me in regards to anything they may be concerned with via my Facebook page. Mark Turner.

Here is a good boar my Border Collie cross caught while I was hunting a private property with Chapman Valley farmer Josh Gould.