The best coffee in Geraldton

If you’re a coffee lover, you will have your steadfast opinion about where to go in our fair city to find the best beans.  As a cappuccino fan myself, I was more than happy to hunt out the best in Geraldton. 

So, first of all, what makes a great coffee?  Everyone I asked this question generally said the same things.  Must not be bitter, not too milky and never, ever burnt.  After drinking a fair amount of caffeine around town, I realised that this task was going to be harder than I thought.  There are tons of great coffee places around, it just depends what vibe you’re after really.

If you’re looking for a cappuccino with a view, Skeeta’s wins hands down.  Good coffee overlooking that beautiful Geraldton harbour.  Definitely not disappointing.  Grab a takeaway and go for a walk down the Marina in the sunshine.

Want that beach vibe?  The Jaffle Shack Café on the foreshore opened recently, and you will love it.  With the distressed wood and grassy space for the kids plus a range of jaffles and snacks it’s a great place to chill after a swim.  The best part, for you diehard caffeine lovers, the coffee is amazing.

If you have toddlers in tow like I always do, Two Foreshore not only does great coffee, but a range of healthy snacks, and they will even deliver your cuppa to the playground for you.  Plenty of room for prams and mother’s groups too.

Culinary HQ is an excellent place to stop in and grab a takeaway on your lunchbreak and Salt Dish serves an amazing, healthy breakfast with your morning brew.

But where in town serves hands down the best coffee?  

This was a tough task but I found it at the very last place I visited, which was Quiet Life Specialty Coffee.  I’d never been there but had heard only good things, and let’s just say, I was super impressed.  It has a funky vibe and friendly staff.  My cappuccino was amazing and the sneaky cronut was tasty too.  What’s a cronut, you ask?  Well it’s a croissant crossed with a donut, and you need it in your life.    

So, the best coffee in Geraldton, a harder task than I had imagined, but one I had lots of fun researching.  It’s great to see so many places with such different atmospheres, and that’s why I love this city.