Drummond Cove Dune Restoration project enters second stage

Coastal bushland recovery is the focus of Stage 2 of the Drummond Cove Dune Restoration project being undertaken with the assistance of the Green Army.

Several areas west of Surfside Terrace were identified by the Drummond Cove Progress Association (DCPA) Coastcare group for Stage 1 rehabilitation works which involved closing off a small access track.

Stage 2 involves the Green Army installing 150m of sand trapping fencing made of Jute mesh and Jarrah stakes which will help prevent vehicle access and give the area vegetation a chance to recover.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said he hopes the community will respect coastal rehabilitation works being undertaken by the community.

“Every year many volunteers spend countless hours rehabilitating bushland,” he said.

“We can only hope that once this project is completed the work involved will be respected by the community and vandalism of the likes that occurred last year at Separation Point where someone purposely drove through 66 Jarrah posts holding 200m of sand trapping fencing doesn’t happen again.”

DCPA Coastcare Coordinator David O’Meara said vehicle access is one of the biggest challenges coastal bushland faces.

“The DCPA has undertaken numerous Coastcare projects over the years to rehabilitate coastal vegetation damaged or destroyed by vehicles accessing the beach,” he said.

“However, the fact Stage 1 of the project was not vandalised makes me confident Stage 2 rehabilitation works will be respected by the community.”

Fencing materials valued at approximately $1400 are being funded by NACC’s Coastal Quick Step Grants.