Facebook is trialling a new Snapchat-like feature on Australians


Facebook has started trialling a new feature in the Messenger app called "Messenger Day".

If you're familiar with Snapchat at all, your eyebrows will rise somewhat with how blatantly it copies one of Snapchat's most popular features- the Story.   

Essentially you can record a bit of video or take a picture, post it to Messenger Day, and anyone can view said media for 24 hours... or you can send it directly to people. 

It's certainly making the Messenger app look cluttered, but with incredible user growth at Snapchat, it seems Facebook is desperate to do what they can to stop people from jumping ship. 

The feature is very much like the Instagram (owned by Facebook) Stories feature that rolled out recently. Instagram openly admitted it was copying Snapchat. 

The move appears to be part of Facebook's reaction to data that showed people are preferring platforms like Snapchat to share content. 

If you have the feature give it a go and let us know what you think.