Hoons along 5th St risking lives - Letter to the Editor


I have a concern that I would like to share. I live on Fifth St Wonthella, I also have a 2 year old, there are 3 little children across the road from me, another toddler 2 doors down and even more kids along our street. I was just in my kitchen cooking my family dinner, when a faded cherry red Land Rover Discovery came through the roundabout ( I am right near there), the vehicle would have been travelling at at least 80+ km. This is not a one off incident, people speed down this road daily and gun it through the roundabout. Although it's a busy artery it does not mean that this sort of driving is acceptable. We have fences and locked gates, I am vigilant and do not let my child out of my sight. This sort of speed that occurs daily will kill any body that happens to be on the road. Please spread the word for people to slow down, we live here, it is not a race track! And to the person in the Land Rover, if I see you vehicle again doing this I outside my home I will be reporting you for dangerous driving. Thanks, on behalf of the little people of Fifth St x

 - Gillian.