Lots of rock throwing reports today

The most recent was about 10 minutes ago: 

 "... male throwing rocks at cars on Abraham street just past back of Cemetery 😡"

A few hours ago:

"Heads up guys. Bunch of teenagers throwing Large rocks at cars/trucks on gtn/mt magnet road, near limestone wall.

They hit the car infront of me, just missed my car. I also had my 8 yr old brother with me! 😑

2nd time in 2 weeks I've witnessed this!

Those kids will be bloody sorry when it actually kills someone! Or a child!

Such a shame it will have to come to that before they realise and before anything will be done about it! 😠" 

Earlier today rocks thrown at SES vehicle: 

 "Ok people if you are turning off the Northwest Coastal Highway into Utakarra Rd be careful there is little brats throwing Rocks again,we were in our STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE VEHICLE and had rocks thrown at us"

This was from a week or so ago: 

"I've waited a few days before I wrote this otherwise it would be full of abuse and anger, but on Saturday as I was driving on the highway near Utakarra my car was hit by 3 rocks that were thrown out of the bushes.

Now I can go on about the cost of repairs but the fact is if one of the rocks hit 10cm higher it would have smashed through the window into my babies head and THIS is what I can't put a price on.

I'm hoping that maybe these people might read this and realise the real danger and the potential cost in this game they play."