Funding approved for underground power in CBD

The removal of dangerous and unsightly timber power poles and overhead power lines on Chapman Road and Durlacher Street in the Geraldton CBD is one step closer with the City being approved for funding in Round Five of the Western Power State’s Underground Power Program Localised Enhancement Project.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said the undergrounding of power in the CBD was one of the key issues he wanted Council to focus on under his leadership.

“The undergrounding of power in the CBD was a key component of my mayoral campaign and I am very pleased that we are one step closer towards achieving this goal,” he said.

The removal of power poles and provision of underground power will improve road safety whilst providing a more reliable power supply and enhanced streetscapes.

“The power poles on Durlacher Street are an ongoing safety concern as a number of vehicles have collided with the poles in the past,” said Mayor Van Styn.

“Underground power also reduces the risk of blackouts during inclement weather due to downed power lines.

“Once the timber power poles are removed the City can take the first step in the beautification of these thoroughfares which starts with the renewal of the footpath on Durlacher Street between Chapman Road and Sanford Street.

“The project involves replacing the old concrete block footpath with a continuously poured reinforced concrete footpath will improve pedestrian and cyclist safety in this location,” Mayor Van Styn added.

Undergrounding of power in the CBD has also been recommended in the City’s Integrated Transport Strategy, City Centre Vibrancy Plan and in the recently released draft Growth Plan. 

The project has now entered the Detailed Proposal Stage which will confirm the final project boundary and total project cost. The City has allocated $500,000 in the 2016/17 Budget to match the State Underground Power Program Grant contribution.