Here's an update on that really dodgy bit of North West Coastal Highway

If you've driven through the northern part of Geraldton near the Homemaker Centre along North West Coastal Highway within the last couple of months, you would have noticed the terrible state of the road. 

Many drivers have complained about the damage it is doing to their vehicles, especially in hot weather when the road literally melts. 

We asked Main Roads when the situation was going to be fixed:

When are repairs to this section of road to be carried out?

"Resurfacing works commence on the 9 December, with completion scheduled on the 19 December 2016."

What is the cause of the road being in such poor condition?

"Pavement repairs were applied to this section of the highway in June this year. Due to the cold weather, it appears the bitumen did not adequately bond to the gravel pavement and Main Roads will now move to permanently repair the damage."

Someone with a sense of humour added this sign recently, which accurately sums up the situation. 

 Thanks Marissa Drummond for the picture. 

Thanks Marissa Drummond for the picture. 

And here's some video of the road coming apart.