Market like a professional


Learn how to market your business like a professional. 

We’ll be working on the Value Proposition Canvas – a really cool way to work out how your products and services can deliver the value your customers want – so you can meet the market AND get centred in the value of your product/service before you start trying to “sell” it.

Marketing is essential to the health of your venture but how do you do it in a way that wins quality clients, and doesn’t feel ‘salesy’.

This fortnight’s Catalyst session is open to outside attendees and covers the secrets to marketing in a way that will bring you the clients you want, and in a way you’re comfortable with.

You’ll hear from experts to discover:

The Value Proposition Canvas – as a tool to being centred in your value and the value of what you offer
Knowing your customers and their wants, needs and pains
Elements of a marketing plan, and templates to get started
Your communication Strategy
An introduction to the value of branding


Fleur Porter, Purpose Coach
Will run you through the Value Proposition Canvas so that you can believe in the value of your product/service
Fred Porter, Agent Digital 
Fred will take you through Digital Marketing Tips for Startups and provides a working template for your Marketing Plan.

Katrina Smelikova, Flash Marketing
Your marketing and communication strategy and how your personal brand influences the delivery of your message.

Cost $300 non Pollinators members, $250 Pollinators members. With Lunch provided.

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