This business owner was already struggling. Now this!

Martine Spowart was already doing it tough, running a small business to help make ends meet. Then this morning some vandals decided to make life that much harder. 

Batter Up Fish and Chips was broken into between 6 and 7 am this morning (Thurs 11 Feb 2016). The owner told us that Police were unable to obtain any finger prints.

The till had been smashed on the floor, but there was no money in it or anything else of value in the store. So the would be thieves left empty handed.

Martine isn't sure if the cost of the damage will be covered by insurance, the outcome of which will affect whether she is able to stay in business. 

She was still positive though, saying that it could have been worse. It was also a nice surprise that the "Make-A-Wish" fundraising tin hadn't been taken. 

"By the looks of it yes I will be [open tonight]. So many people have posted offering their help and support. I am blown away by the generosity of our Geraldton community."

Miles Glass & flyscreens are fixing the damage today. 

If you want to help out over the coming days and order some fish and chips, give Batter Up a call on 9923 2044. They're located in Bluff Point at Shop 2, 436 Chapman Road.

Click here for more info on Batter Up. 

If you did spot anything suspicious this morning in the area, or you can assist Police in any way, please call them on 9923 4555.