Playgroup and Activity Lists for Kids Aged 0-5 in Geraldton

A question that is often asked by parents new to Geraldton is what playgroups or activities are on in town. Thankfully, Kidz Retreat recently published the following lists of everything that is currently happening in and around Geraldton in 2016:


Playgroups are more than just a great excuse to get out of the house; it turns out that attending regular sessions provides a host of benefits for both parents and children alike. I asked the owner of Kidz Retreat and author of the lists, Daneale Buckley, what exactly those benefits are.

What skills do children develop during playgroup? 

“The play and activities are directed at improving/enhancing the children’s skills. Children of all ages develop a wide range of skills when attending playgroups or activities, such as gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, social and emotional skills.” 

What benefits parents and carers can get from playgroups? 

“There are a range of benefits for not only children but their parents/guardians who attend playgroup. It supports parents/guardians with separation anxiety, giving the opportunity to expand their social network and become friends with other families who have children around the same age, parents/guardians feel supported when communicating with others in the same situation as their own family. Most of all attending a playgroup or activities gives parents/guardians adult socialisation while children are interacting with their friends. Once looking into Childcare it helps with the transition if you know other families from playgroup who will be attending the same Childcare centre.”

How could regular attendance at playgroup help children when it comes time to transition to Child Care, Kindy or Pre-primary?

“Children become more confident when they are apart from their parents/guardian, which helps reduce separation anxiety when children are then required to attend either childcare or school.”

If you have ever been unsure of whether or not playgroups are right for you and your child, now you know the perks of attending one. We are lucky to have such a great variety of playgroups and activities available for our little ones to participate in, so matter your location, availability or budget, you are sure to find the perfect group for your family.

Special thanks to Daneale at Kidz Retreat for giving us permission to publish these lists. Be sure to check out their Facebook page to keep up to date with any future changes or additions.