42 Year old Female from Utakarra Charged with Disorderly behaviour and obstruct police.

At about 11.00pm on Friday 26th of February 2016, Police were called to a disturbance on Bonamia Street, Rangeway.

On police arrival they observed a 42 year old female arguing with a male in the street. The attending officers separated the pair and attempted to stop the female from yelling and swearing in the street however she failed to obey the officer’s request and was subsequently advised she was under arrest.

The female refused to get into the police vehicle pod, officers attempted to place her into the pod however the female placed her feet on either side of the doorway, after a short struggle the female was secured in the pod area.

After being placed into the police vehicle pod the female had to be removed to prevent injury to herself, as she was being removed she attempted to run from police. The female kicked out at police and continued her yelling and screaming abuse. She was handcuffed and put back into the secure pod and conveyed to the Geraldton Police Station where she was released on bail to appear in the Geraldton Magistrates Court at a later date.

She was charged with disorderly behaviour in public and obstruct police.