Extend Point Moore Leases

Geraldton MLA Ian Blayney has written to Planning Minister John Day in relation to the Point Moore community. 

“I have always had a strong interest in the Point Moore residents and their situation. 

“I have advised the Minister that I will be happy to engage with the City of Greater Geraldton and the residents of Point Moore to determine how tidal surge risk mitigation may occur in concert with the continued tenancy of the residents. I would support any Council proposal to extend leases. 

“This would provide residents some level of security for their immediate future while enabling them to plan for the longer term outcomes. 

“I have also requested that the Minister visit Geraldton to meet the Point Moore residents and discuss their situation with them and the Council, before any final planning decisions are made. 

“Most residents accept that there is an increased risk of inundation due to the land’s proximity to sea level, but they also need to fully understand the City’s position due to its possible exposure to liability.  

“I think it’s likely that in future residents will face increased insurance disclaimers and premiums. It will be a feature of Point Moore living. 

“However, I don’t think there is an immediate threat to the homes of Point Moore and I hope that rational discussion and cool heads will allow sensible solutions to occur,” said Mr Blayney.

 Letter to John Day re Point Moore tenancies

Letter to John Day re Point Moore tenancies